Dr. Shahin Shams

  • Graduated from Shahid Beheshti University
  • Board certified in oral & maxillofacial surgery
  • Academia University Faculty

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Dr. Shahin Shams

  • Graduated from Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department of ShahidBeheshti University
  • Board certified in oral & maxillofacial surgery
  • Academia University Faculty 
  • More than 10,000 successful surgeries
  • Most active surgeon in the past 9 years in Tehran
  • Professor in Shahid Beheshti Medical School
  • Oral & maxillofacial surgeries
  • Simultaneous nose and chin surgery
  • Doing the surgeries in ErfanNiayesh Hospital and the best equipped clinics in Tehran


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What is the most appropriate age for doing otoplasty?
Hi, otoplasty can be done when the ears’ growth is completed. This age is usually from 5 years old onwards. However, in some cases, the treatment process can be started from the age of 3.
Depending on your condition and age, you may need to have some tests done. Blood tests, pregnancy tests, test of urine sample, chest x-rays, electrocardiography, CT scans, etc. are some of these tests. For more information, read the article with the same title on the site.
Anonymous :
I have a fleshy nose and I think closed surgery method can bring better result. Do you agree? And do you operate through closed method?
Answer :
rhinoplasty through closed method is one of the nose job methods which can be used considering the patient’s conditions. However, it’s mostly used for revision rhinoplasty and few surgeons prefer to operate their patients’ nose using closed method. Nevertheless,if you want to minimize scars and have a better and faster recovery period, the closed method is recommended for you. But keep in mind that in general, the open method is better than the closed method.
Estimating the cost of rhinoplasty depends on different factors but the problem of your nose and surgery method are the most important determinants. You must first go to a surgeon, and after an examination and taking radiological images and tests, it will be estimated.
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